Japan General Manager - Business Development Director - Kim Christian Botho Pedersen

Why choose us?

Faster access:

Time is money. Spending less time accessing the Japanese market is simply good business. We help you kickstart your business on the Japanese market by cutting all unnecessary steps on the way. We already have a huge network as well as knowledge which help you shortcutting the access to Japan. Faster access to the Japanese market

Better understanding of the market:

Navigating on the Japanese market requires an indepth understanding of the market, the culture and business customs as well. Shareing the information is as equally important. We share the information with you, why the Japanese market might be different and what we should do to be successful. Navigating on the Japanese market requires an indepth understanding of the market and the culture

Higher sales:

We are not satisfied with one small importer or partner company in Japan to take care of your Japanese market. We go for the partners who make most sense to collaborate with. We will go for the largest share possible of the market from the beginning. Higher sales on the Japanese market - choose the right business partner

Better market development / expansion:

Once entering the Japanese market, a lot of companies are satisfied. We are never satisfied but we always try to figure out how to increase the business in Japan. We ask critical questions to our selves and our partners. We push the limits both for you and your Japanese partners. Market development in Japan

Less troubles and claims:

Claim handling skills are absolutely crucial to success in Japan. Miss this point and you might end up with troubles you had never thought would be possible and troubles that might ruin your company. It is absolutely necessary to take claims from Japan deadly serious. We know how to handle claims in Japan. Less trouble, less claims from Japanese customers