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Below, you will find some of our services in the order they usually take place.

You can chose to use us for all services or to use us for one or several of the services we can provide.

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Business roadmap to Japan market

Product, Competitor & Market Analysis:

Needless to say, if your product is not suited for the Japanese market, it might be a bit difficult to export it to Japan. We will make an assessment of your products chances on the Japanese market.

Also needless to say, if your competitor is better, the chances gets smaller too. Its not impossible to penetrate a market where there are better competitors, but it might not be worth the effort. We will find and analyze your competitors on the Japanese market and suggest your next move.

Likewise reg. the market. Are there any interst for your products? What price level can you expect? Any specific cultural issues to be aware of? Laws and regulation issues are also important to figure out before approaching the market.

We will help you on the way. Read more about it here.

Elaborate distribution strategy:

Once you have made your decision to approach the Japanese market, you need to decide your distribution strategy. We will suggest you a strategy and we will introduce you to major players on the market and together with you negotiate contracts. Many companies fail to negotiate a contract with Japanese companies despite they have a competitive product that Japanese also wants. Let us assist you in negotiating with Japanese companies.

Read more about our service related to distribution strategy here.

Use our Network & Introductions:

Network in Japan is extremely important which most business people know these days. We have network within a lot of industries already, and what we do not have today, we will get tomorrow. This is one of our major strengths to be able to get connected to almost any company in Japan in very few days.

Read more about our network here.

Market entry:

Depending who you ask, your product, timing and so many other factors, the answer to the question varies. Some will tell you Japan is the most difficult market, others that it is easy.  For some product types, Japanese market is straight forward. For others, it takes time.

We will base our market entry strategy after having analyzed the market situation, your product and your competitors. Read more about our Japan market entry here.

Market expansion:

If you have successfully entered the market, you might want to expand. It is not always a good idea to rely on your Japanese partner companies on this part. Especially if you have chosen a sole agent, it might be difficult.

Read more about expansion strategies on the Japanese market here.

Complaint handling services:

Well, why is complaint handling written with red? Simply because, if there are one single issue which can be said to be the most important thing doing business with Japan, it is complaint handling. This is where your Japanese partners truly evaluate whether they can trust your company or not. Handling complaints correctly will much likely result in a stronger bond to your Japanese business partners, whereas hahdling it wrongly, trying to run away from your responsibility, may lead to total retreat from the market. Understanding how to cope with complaints is a key issue on the Japanese market.

Read more here.

Communication services:

Far most businesses failing in Japan, fails because of bad or lack of communication. You need to be in control of the communication. You need to be in close contact to your business partners in Japan, whether there are issues to discuss or not. If you want to catch any troubles before they arise, ongoing communication is the key. If you want to avoid misunderstandings, communication is the key.

We can offer you a package solution on communication with your Japanese partners.

Read more about communication here.
Communication with Japanese companies

Event handling:

You might want to exhibit in Japan or participate in other promotional activities in Japan. Let us assist you. We can arrange from signing up for the event to the final follow up of the event, any task which is needed to make the event successful for your company.

Read more here.
Exhibit in Japan

Staff education services:

If you already have a Japan market manager, he / she might need to know how to approach the Japanese market, how to communicate etc. However, even the best Japan experts often run into problems they never thought would happen.

Read more about our Japan related staff education here.

Outsource your Japan department:

Why not outsource your Japan related activities or the entire Japan department to us?

Read more about outsourcing your Japan activity to us here.
Just in case - Japan business security

Just in case:

You might want just to be in connection with us, in case you suddenly need our services. It could be because of sudden claim or other problems in your relation to the Japanese company. Just in case - Secure your Japan business 
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